Thirsting for God - Nick KingThirsting for God

“A spiritual journey towards restoration and renewal”

An excellent course for groups or individuals alike, and particularly suited to the season of Lent, when ‘our soul is athirst for God’.

First published in October 2003 by Kevin Mayhew

Thirsting for God | 1500653 | ISBN: 9781844171699 | Buy it here

Stations of the Cross - Nick KingStations of the Cross

“A faith-strengthening resource”

The Stations of the Cross is a very old devotion which enables Christians to pause and reflect on those last moments of Jesus’ journey of love. Nicholas King again bases his reflections on his own translation of the New Testament.

First published in March 2007 by Kevin Mayhew

Stations of the Cross | 1500990 | ISBN: 9781844177417 | Buy it here

The Rosary - Nick KingThe Rosary

“Beautifully illustrated ”

The Rosary is an ancient prayer which people have found over the centuries an enormous help in their journey towards God. This beautifully illustrated gift book, enriched by the author’s own acclaimed translation of the New Testament, is a wonderful accompaniment to praying the rosary.

First published inMarch 2007 by Kevin Mayhew

The Rosary | 1500991 | ISBN: 9781844177424 | Buy it here

The Psamls - Nick KingThe Psalms

“A new, cutting edge translation”

The book of Psalms, a collection of songs for use in Temple worship, has become the hymn book of the Christian Church. In this amazing new translation with a commentary, extracted from his ongoing translation of the Bible, Nicholas King invites you to ‘step aboard and listen to the ancient voices that have been singing them for upwards of 3000 years, and finding your own story and your own journey to God written in them. There are psalms for every mood.’

First published in November 2009 by Kevin Mayhew

The Psalms | 1501204 | ISBN: 9781848672246 | Buy it here

Mark - The Strangest Gospel - Nick KingMark – The Strangest Gospel

“A study of Mark”

For many people, Mark’s gospel has become so familiar that they no longer notice its oddity and may therefore miss what it is saying about the meteoric new reality that is Jesus. Nicholas King calls Mark’s gospel ‘the strangest gospel’ and makes a good deal of this ‘strangeness’ in this accessible and immensely readable study.

First published in September 2006 by Kevin Mayhew

Mark – The Strangest Gospel | 1500949 | ISBN: 9781844176960 | Buy it here

Not that Man! - Nick KingNot that man!

“Restoring St Paul’s reputation”

If you think you don’t like St Paul then this book is for you. It covers controversial topics such as Paul’s attitudes to women, slavery and sex; it also asks ‘What changed Paul?’, ‘Did Paul think that Jesus was God?’, and many other questions. Key passages have been included to illustrate that you must keep revisiting Paul if you are to go deeper into the mystery of this extraordinary character. The translations are always Nicholas King’s own and will help you to get to know Paul better – which is what this book is all about.

First published in May 2009 by Kevin Mayhew

Not that Man! | 1501183 | ISBN: 9781848671751 | Buy it here

The Helplessness of God

The Helplessness of God

“Restoring St Paul’s reputation”

Many people are uncomfortable with the way in which leadership has been exercised within Christianity, and in this book Nicholas King looks at what the Bible tells us about the exercise of authority. The message is that human beings, with the exception of Jesus, always get it wrong, unless they are prepared to ‘lead by listening’ or exercise authority as an act of loving service. For the only absolute authority is God.

Why speak of ‘the helplessness of God’? Because God is voluntarily dependent on our response, helpless until we make our decision, and will not force us to choose our own good. God’s love is never tyrannical, always utterly respectful of human freedom. That must be the way ahead for authority in the Church.

First published in April 2014 by Kevin Mayhew

The Helplessness of God | 1501439 | ISBN: 9781848677159 | Buy it here


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