The Old Testament: Volume 2 – The Historical Books

Publication scheduled for 2012

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The Old Testament Volume 3 (Hardback) is published!

The Old Testament Volume 3 – The Wisdom Literature (Hardback)
Product Code: 1501129 | ISBN: 9781848670693 | Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

Description: A faithful and life-enhancing translation from the Greek with a cutting-edge commentary.  The Wisdom Literature, which will be followed by the publication of four other volumes, includes Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, The Song of Songs, Wisdom and the Wisdom of Ben Sira (Ecclesiasticus).  Nicholas King’s translation of The New Testament was published to huge acclaim. Church leaders, critics and readers agreed unanimously with the reviewer who described it as ‘dynamite’.

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The Rosary is published!

The Rosary
Product Code: 1500991 | ISBN: 9781844177424 | Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

Description: The Rosary is an ancient prayer which people have found over the centuries an enormous help in their journey towards God. This beautifully illustrated gift book, enriched by the author’s own acclaimed translation of the New Testament, is a wonderful accom

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Stations of the Cross is published!

Stations of the Cross
Product Code: 1500990 | ISBN: 9781844177417 | Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

The Stations of the Cross is a very old devotion which enables Christians to pause and reflect on those last moments of Jesus’ journey of love. Nicholas King again bases his reflections on his own translation of the New Testament.

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Mark – The Strangest Gospel is published!

Mark – The Strangest Gospel
Product Code: 1500949 | ISBN: 9781844176960 | Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

Description: For many people, Mark’s gospel has become so familiar that they no longer notice its oddity and may therefore miss what it is saying about the meteoric new reality that is Jesus. Nicholas King calls Mark’s gospel ‘the strangest gospel’ and makes a good deal of this ‘strangeness’ in this accessible and immensely readable study.

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The New Testament Study Guides are published!

The New Testament Study Guides
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

An outstanding feature of Nicholas King’s translation is the interactive explanatory notes and commentary that explore the personalities, background, teaching, language, devices, style and syntax of the document writers. They help give the reader the feel of the texts, explain trickier passages and highlight themes of special significance. Ideal for personal or group use.

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The New Testament translations are published!

The New Testament translation
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

Description: Many translations of the Bible have an overall style and uniformity which irons out irregularities and is defined by various factors, such as amplifying the text or producing easy-flowing reading or modern English. Nicholas King’s fresh rendering of the New Testament is not only innovative but also illuminating and faith strengthening.

His translation strives to keep as close to the original Greek as possible, frequently incorporating idiomatic or grammatical peculiarities. This results in a translation which is exceptionally stimulating, sometimes startling, but with the result that it shakes off the dust which often settles on passages which have become tired from over familiarity or frequent quotation.

Nicholas King’s translation is infused with raw power. Readers will gain new insights and find the Bible imbued with renewed meaning and vigour.

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Thirsting for God is published!

Thirsting for God
Publisher Code: 1500653 | ISBN: 9781844171699 | Publisher: Kevin Mayhew

Description: An excellent course for groups or individuals alike, and particularly suited to the season of Lent, when ‘our soul is athirst for God’.

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